In the 1990's, DJ MIKU was early techno winners in Tokyo and marked a start of Tokyo technoscene!


2016 Basic&Axis Plus [CD Alubum] (Musicmine)
2016 Basic&Axis [Alubum] (Hypnotic Room)
2012 HAIOKA - Synapse "DJ MIKU Remix" (Blank Records)
2010 Go Hiyama - Sense Of Starvation "DJ Miku Mix" (Blank Records)
2010 Sea Gather EP/ (blank records)DJ MIKU
2010 Memories EP/(Hypnotic Room)DJ MIKU
2010 Cheap Words Of The World / V.A 12inch "House of Japan "(Hypnotic Room)DJ MIKU
2008 Gold 2 / [V.A Album] "Special Lunch Pack"(blank records )DJ MIKU
2008 OVAL / SC [V.A Album]"Special Lunch Pack"(blank records)MITT
2005 Gold / [V.A Alubum] "ACIXXXD"(W.C recordings) DJ MIKU
2005 Diping in peaches / V.A Alubum"Dip In Horny"(blank records) DJ MIKU
2005 Inca Dance / V.A Alubum"Pink MInd"(WC recordings) DJ MIKU
2004 Super Tuner / 12inch (blank records) DJ MIKU
2004 Super Tuner/ [V.A Alubum]"Dirty Grind"(blank records) DJ MIKU
2002 Karelia:mono(DJ MIKU Remix)/ [V.A Alubum]"Isolated AudioPlayers2"(Pickin'MUSHROOM)
2002 Sequence-Phenomenon / Mix CD (Musicmine) DJ MIKU
2000 Gag&Magic / [V.A Alubum]"Isolated Audio Players" (Pickin'MUSHROOM) DJ MIKU
2000 Year2012 (Ver.2) /12inch (ns-com) DJ MIKU
1999 Year2012 (Ver.1) /[V.A Alubum] "TokyoTechBreakbeats2"(ns-com) DJ MIKU
1998 Pink Planet / [V.A Album] "Suck it and see"(Pussyfoot) DJ MIKU
1997 RUEY/Keep on Dreamin' Remix/[Alubum] "Cyber Disk" (Hardpeach)MIKU&Hideo Kobayashi
1997 Strawberry juice / [V.A Alubum]"nscomfusion"/(ns-com) LOTUS
1996 Posi EP / 12inch (NewstageRecords) LOTUS
1996 Kasumi expelience / [Alubum] (NewstageRecords) LOTUS

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